2015 Business Excellence Awards Category Criteria

The Dufferin Board of Trade’s 2015 Business Excellence Awards will recognize those businesses and business people in our community that have contributed to this healthy, vibrant region we all enjoy. The criteria used to judge nominees in each category is below.

Primary Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a business (or non-profit) in Dufferin County or the surrounding area.
    • Businesses are eligible for nomination in as many categories as applicable.
    • Past year’s award recipients may not be nominated in the same category for one year (1 year) following their win, but can be nominated and win in other categories.
    • Past year’s award finalists may be nominated in the same category or any other category.
    • Companies must have been in business for three years or more with the exception of the Under 30 Award and the Dufferin Business Citizen of the Year.

Nominations closed on July 17th.

2015 Business Excellence Business Awards Category Criteria

Global Reach

  • Company exports outside of Canada
  • Company demonstrates commitment to Dufferin as a place of business
  • Company’s products or services are examples of Dufferin workmanship and ingenuity in other areas of the world


  • Company has implemented practices and or strategies that support the success and sustainability of their business
  • Company has achieved financial success in their business while addressing the environmental impact of their operations and the social well-being of their employees and the community
  • Company has communicated the story and rationale of their sustainability practices/strategies to their customers

Under 30

  • Individual is in ownership, management or another leadership capacity within a Dufferin area business
  • Company or individual exhibit outstanding performance and definite career progress –demonstrated through measurable results
  • Company or individual is highly active in the community and committed to making a difference
  • Company or individual has future plans for career and performance development
  • Company or individual has been in business or role for less than five years

Dufferin Business Citizen of the Year:

  • Individual sets an example as a dedicated business leader
  • Individual projects a positive image in the community
  • Individual works to motivate and encourage other entrepreneurs
  • Individual actively promotes a positive image of Dufferin and/or its people
  • Individual actively contributes to the growth of the community
  • Individual has achieved success in introducing new products/services or growing an existing product line through a unique approach.
  • Individual has been active in the community for a minimum of  5 years.

Local Economic Impact

  • Company has made an investment of a significant measure, dramatically and positively impacting the local economy
  • Company has created meaningful opportunities for spin-off business activity
  • Company supports the local community through job creation, philanthropy or other means
  • Company is significantly improving Dufferin’s image

Employer of the Year

  • Company has made the workplace an exceptional place to be employed
  • Company has innovative ways to support its employees and works to facilitate their growth and development
  • Company has developed a culture in the workplace that encourages employees to be respected and engaged
  • Company has developed a workplace culture that reflects the importance of work/life balance

Small Business of the Year

  • Company has increased workforce
  • Company has expanded facilities
  • Company has a unique marketing strategy that has demonstrated success
  • Company has had significant sales growth
  • Company has shown commitment to the community

Community Service:

A business, community service group, non-profit organization or individual;

  • whose participation in the community has significantly benefited others
  • has developed community partnerships that benefit the broader community
  • has contributed by giving back to the community with time, product, donations and/or support