About Us

The Dufferin Board of Trade (or DBOT) is a community-building nonprofit organization dedicated to helping local business thrive.

When local businesses are succeeding the local economy flourishes and businesses can better support local charities, events, and their employees.

We support and empower local business by:

  1. Connecting businesses with each other and with the resources they need;
  2. Advocating for business needs;
  3. Promoting businesses and encouraging consumers to shop local; and
  4. Saving businesses money.


To champion a robust voice for business in the Headwaters region.


To be the frontline resource for regional businesses and community partners to ensure a prosperous and innovative business environment in the Headwaters region through:

  • networking, promotion, and communication;
  • advocacy and industry liaison;
  • partnership facilitation;
  • business intelligence/analysis;
  • growing membership.

Organizational Values


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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2021-2023


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