Membership Benefits

Why do people join The Board of Trade?

What’s in it for me? With so many demands on my time and resources, why invest in membership in The Board of Trade?

Aside from the many bonuses of membership, like affinity programs, member-to-member discounts, networking and advocacy, there are many benefits of membership with Dufferin’s largest business network. For most, the biggest reason to join is to become part of an organization that helps to support the community in which they work, live and play. Membership in DBOT puts businesses in touch with resources and people that will help you succeed.


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Top 5 Reasons to Join DBOT

  1. Standing Up for Business
    The Dufferin Board of Trade works closely with the Ontario
    Chamber of Commerce to advocate for policies that directly impact
    your bottom line and give your business a voice at Queen’s Park.
  2. Information & Insight
    Newsletters, social media, the website and educational events give
    members and the broader business community the opportunity to
    learn firsthand DBOT’s latest news and policy updates.
  3. Economic Growth
    Through partnerships with key economic development agencies in
    the region and working directly with local businesses, DBOT has
    been able to secure provincial and federal funding leveraging further
    investment and resulting in new jobs and growth in Dufferin.
  4. Business Networking
    Programs like the Dufferin Young Professionals and the Dufferin
    Women in Business connect our region’s businesses. Members also
    have the opportunity to sponsor DBOT events such as the Business
    Excellence Awards, are included in our membership directory, and
    are recognized across our digital resources.
  5. Promote the Region
    DBOT will promote the unique assets of the Dufferin region to
    businesses, residents & visitors to encourage investment and
    economic development in this area. Through collaboration &
    partnership among business, government, thought leaders &
    community builders our work will positively impact the economic
    prosperity of the region.


Other Bonuses to Membership in DBOT


Business Leads

DBOT membership also provides excellent business leads. As the largest networking association in Dufferin County with more than 300 members, members have access to Dufferin Women in Business luncheons and events, Dufferin Young Professionals events, and annual DBOT events like the Business Excellence Awards and Golf tournament. As a member, DBOT staff, board of directors and executives are also working for you by suggesting business to business connections that will assist your business.


Membership with DBOT also gives your business unique exposure. Your membership includes free listings in our online business directory, with the freedom to update and redesign your web listing at any time.  There are also opportunities to showcase your business on our website, in our newsletter, and on our Facebook and Twitter social networks.

Have Your Say!

As a member of DBOT, you can have a say in your community and in business issues. We are the advocate for business in Dufferin. We meet regularly with community leaders to discuss issues pertaining to our members. As a member of The Dufferin Board of Trade, you are also a member of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Your voice is heard at all levels of government.

The Desire to Belong

Business people want to belong to something in their community, but sometimes they just don’t know where to go or where to start. Belonging to a Chamber or Board of Trade is a network with connections that are working for your business even when you’re not. Aside from the great events, DBOT provides avenues for business growth; educational seminars, information and people in the know who will help get your business growing while building quality relationships that fulfil personal and professional needs.

The Desire for Recognition

Belonging to DBOT is an indication of credibility and status. Putting The DBOT logo on your door and website means that your business is part of something bigger and that the business is serious about what it represents in the community. Members of DBOT are professional and proud of membership and consumers recognize the status of membership and are more likely to support a business that is a member of a Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade.

Shapiro Group Study

In fact, a study conducted by the Shapiro group, showed that consumers are 63% more likely to buy goods and services in the future from companies that are Chamber members.  The study also looked at perceptions of consumers about members and found it favourable with 57% to think more positively of the Chamber member’s local reputation. Regarding The Chamber’s impact on the local economy, 82% of respondents believe that Chambers of Commerce helps create jobs and promote local economic development.

Starting a new business or relaunching an existing business?

DBOT can help you promote and celebrate your important business milestones. We have a comprehensive Business Milestone Guide, complete with sample press release and media/dignitary contacts available exclusively for our members. Let us know when your Grand Opening or milestone event is, and we’ll do our best to promote it via our newsletter and social media. Contact us to request your digital copy of the Business Milestone Guide.