DBOT Branding Guidelines

Please Read Before Using Our Logo

Only current Dufferin Board of Trade members in good standing are permitted to use the “Proud Member” and “Think Local” graphics to promote their membership and support of our think local campaign. These are the only two images permitted to be used – the main DBOT logo is for our use only. The use of our logo or graphic by any non-member individual or organization requires written permission from DBOT.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do Use these files to refer to Dufferin Board of Trade.
  • Do Use these files when mentioning Dufferin Board of Trade in an article or in print.
  • Do Use these files to promote your Dufferin Board of Trade profile.
  • Do Use the “Proud Member” logo on your social media, email signature, print advertising, etc.
  • Do Link the logo to your business listing on the Dufferin Board of Trade online directory, or to the main DBOT page, dufferinbot.ca
  • Do Use the “Think Local” graphic on your social media and promotional materials.
  • Do Not Manipulate the logo’s color.
  • Do Not Change the logo proportions.
  • Do Not Alter the logo’s orientation. Make sure no type, design, or photographic elements encroach on the logo.
  • Don’t use our main logo for your projects. Please use the member logo below.

    Our Name:

    The Dufferin Board of Trade is spelled exactly this way. Capital “D” on Dufferin, capital “B” on Board, lowercase “o” on of, and capital “T” on Trade. The “The” prior to the name is not necessary and is only used for proper sentence structure.


    Primary Font: Noto Serif

    Secondary: Lato Medium


    The Dufferin Board of Trade can be addressed by its acronym of DBOT where all letters are capitalized. Only refer to the Dufferin Board of Trade as an acronym if you have already used our name in full once.

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    Dufferin Board of Trade- Helping business thrive

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