Why Nominate?

1. Free marketing and increase free brand awareness

A Business Excellence Award nomination can be an overlooked marketing opportunity. Award nominations can improve brand awareness and promote your business to new customers. Nominees can maximize their exposure and brand awareness by including the award logo on social media, business cards, website, emails and sales material. Our awards are highly regarded in the community, so make sure to maximize your free marketing!

2. Increased credibility

Having your business nominated and shortlisted is a testament to your success and shows your commitment to being an engaged and reputable business in our community. The nomination can be displayed proudly on all external communications from your business, ensuring potential clients or suppliers know you are providing high quality services that differentiates your business from competitors!

3. Employee motivation

Having your business nominated recognizes the hard work you and your employees put into your business everyday. It helps employees realize that their contributions pay off as well as boosts your staff morale and improves overall motivation. Be sure to celebrate your victory!

4. Networking

Network with fellow business leaders. Attending an awards gala give you the opportunity to network with other business leaders and professionals.

5. Customers

Customers like to be associated with a winning company and potential customers often make their purchasing decisions based on the decisions of other businesses like theirs. When prospective customers see that you’ve won an award, it can sway them to choose you over your competition because you’re seen as a stable and high-quality company.