Trillium Ford

Trillium Ford has been proudly serving the communities of New Tecumseth and Shelburne for more than 30 years. With so many dealerships for consumers to choose from, Trillium Ford differentiates itself through community involvement. A community minded approach is central to their business growth and success. To build community means to Think Local.

At Trillium Ford it is clear there is more to the business than selling cars. Understanding that Shelburne is home to a great many commuters, there isn’t always an opportunity for the residents to enjoy some family friendly activities and be a part of the great Shelburne community. Recognizing this need, Trillium Ford partners with other local businesses to bring community events to fruition such as, Movie Night Under the Stars. Sponsoring local events, supporting local fundraisers, and a willingness to participate in the local community are all part of the Trillium Ford vision.

The importance of thinking local is also present in the way Trillium approaches their staff. The dealership values employees that are looking to build lifelong careers, embody their community minded approach, and that are willing to learn the way that Trillium Ford operates within the community.

Understanding that every customer is valuable, and that experience is paramount, the dealership emphasizes the importance of building relationships. The team at Trillium Ford works diligently to maintain lifelong customers and establish and build trust. Honesty and integrity in the sales process is key to dispelling the stigma that surrounds car sales; that all dealers use the hard sell and pushy sales approach. Trillium Ford understands this is not how customers purchase and works to ensure a great customer experience, before, during, and after the sale is complete.

Starting back in 1974, Trillium Ford has seen growth year after year and has plans to place in the top 20 dealers in Canada in 2018. With a Think Local approach so entrenched as theirs, there should be no doubt that they are well on their way to achieving this goal.