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The Dufferin Tourism Trails project will highlight the diversity of businesses in Dufferin County, attracting more locals and visitors to discover our niche markets so that they can spend more time and money in the region, growing community pride and increasing the visitor economy. #joinapath


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What is Dufferin Tourism Trails?

The Dufferin Board of Trade (DBOT) is a non-profit community-building organization dedicated to helping local businesses thrive.  We recognize that the tourism sector has been incredibly hard-hit over the past two+ years with the pandemic.

To help our local tourism operators we are creating Dufferin Tourism Trails – a network of virtual trails across Dufferin showcasing businesses in nine special categories such as Women-Owned Businesses, LGBTQ+ Safe Spaces, Accessible Businesses, etc.  Businesses highlighted on our Trails will receive coaching in certain categories, to ensure they provide top-level services and experiences for visitors and commit to the principles and values of the category. Businesses can self-identify in several categories where coaching sessions are not required. The Trails and the businesses on them will be extensively celebrated and promoted within our community and nearby regions.


If you are a Business Owner in the region with something for a visitor to see, do or buy, we invite you to #joinapath  


Why Participate?

  • 9 specific categories for locals and visitors to explore that come to the area.
  • Free participation for eligible businesses
  • Open to DBOT Members and Non-Members
  • Free Coaching has been curated for several categories where we encourage a business to embrace knowledge and values corresponding to the category title.
  • Dufferin Tourism Trails will have multi-channel media promotion across the GTA
  • Values poster and window decals will be provided for your business to proudly display for tourists visiting your business

How To Get Involved?

  • Fill out the form below to show interest in getting your business listed in any of the categories below and participating in coaching (if applicable to the category).
  • Select as many as applicable
  • Display your provided values poster and window decals and promote the Dufferin Tourism Trails project
  • Display your category-specific decals on social media, website and email signatures
  • Encourage your neighbour business to join a path
  • Use the hash tag #exploreyourownpath on social posts
  • Share the website link to the Dufferin Tourism Trails

*Free Coaching has been curated for several categories where we encourage a business to embrace knowledge and values corresponding to the category title.

What does it mean to be Tourism Ready?

The Dufferin Board of Trade (DBOT) supports the businesses who support tourism.  To be considered as a business who supports tourism, your business needs to be Tourism Ready.

DBOT would consider a business tourism ready when it meets the following criteria:

  • Has all of its licenses, permits and insurance in place in order to operate legally;
  • Has a set schedule of operating hours;
  • Maintains, at minimum, a basic website or social media page with contact information posted;
  • Has a sign posted at their location, displaying their business name; and
  • Has some type of tourism offering in place and can state what visitors can see or do.

First Step

Are you interested in participating in the Dufferin Tourism Trails?  Fill out the form below

See tourism ready description above
Free coaching will be provided by DBOT- you will be invited to participate in coaching related to these categories
black owned business
Pet friendly businesses
ltbtq safe space businesses
socially responsible businesses
accessible businesses
Live and work local business
women owned businesses
environmentally responsible businesses
tourism attractiono business

Dufferin Tourism Trails are brought to you by the Dufferin Board of Trade.  DBOT supports the businesses that support tourism in our region.


Dufferin Board of Trade- Helping business thrive