Todd Taylor


In 2018 I made a decision to run for council. At the time, I was very upset with how things were being run at town hall.
Council was dysfunctional, leadership was questionable at best, and progress had slowed to a standstill. In addition, there were key safety issues within Orangeville that I wanted to solve.
I thought my skill set might resonate at town hall. I thought I could help make things better.
Now in 2022, I look back proudly on what council as whole contributed. It was a great team!
For me, I was pleased to learn that I could indeed contribute positively to the town in which I proudly live.

Since that election four years ago, I have learned that the councillor role is a job.
It takes time.
It requires depth of thought.
For me? I enjoy it. It is my passion.
I like helping others and improving things.

This last term of council was anchored by a group of professionals. We did not always agree, but we conducted ourselves in a way that Orangeville residents could be proud of.
Today, Safety issues in Settlers Creek, College, and Rolling Hills have been addressed.
I am proud of the leadership role I took to get these key items accomplished.

I have learned a lot about how effective municipalities run. How to be an effective community leader.
Servant leadership is the only way. It is not about me. Initiatives simply must make our town better OR we do not undertake them.

Personally, it is hard to campaign in front of your friends, family, neighbours, and fellow residents.
I want each of you to know that I will do a good job on your behalf. I will not let you down.
I do not need this role on council. I want this role on council.

On election day, please consider supporting me for Deputy Mayor.

Email [email protected]
Phone 416-574-1894
FB: CouncillorToddTaylor