By: Declan Kenny

Jason Vilon, owner of TLC For Business in Orangeville, started his business back in 2018 with the goal of helping people navigate through the tough world of starting and improving their small businesses. Through TLC For Business and his 25 years of experience in marketing, sales and business development, Jason Vilon ensures that each business he assists not only improves their strategy, but also accelerates the process of creating profit. 


There are many goals that Vilon sets his sights on with the operation of TLC For Business. Vilon emphasized his goal of helping small and medium sized businesses saying, “The goal is to help people who need it,” he continued, “small and medium businesses by and far outweigh the economic might of any of the giants.” Vilon has done advising for businesses worldwide, small, large and every size in between. However, Vilon emphasized the importance of helping people follow their dreams saying, “If I can help small businesses build themselves up, as well as help people follow their dreams.” Vilon also mentioned the importance of helping local businesses in Dufferin County succeed, as he wants to see the community he resides and based TLC For Business out of become a strong economy. 


“My fees are staggered at the beginning, you send me what you can afford and I will bring you in at least three times the amount of your fees, I guarantee it.”


One of the main reasons Vilon believes people should choose TLC For Business over competitors is because he will work for you for an affordable and relatively cheap cost. He said, “My fees are staggered at the beginning, you send me what you can afford and I will bring you in at least three times the amount of your fees.” Vilon added, “I guarantee it.” He also mentioned that other competitors don’t guarantee clients any increased profits. Something that he thinks sets him apart from other business advisors is that he truly believes in what he does so strongly that he says, “I will work for you until you start bringing in the guaranteed three times my fees yearly.” Vilon is a strong believer in himself and that his strategies for businesses are the most proven and will have the highest success rate. Another step that he said is vital to the growth of a business is separating revenue and profit, “There are tiny tweaks that you can make that will 

give you exponential profit.”


“The more everybody can collaborate, the stronger everybody gets.”


Vilon really emphasized the importance of operating out of Dufferin County for his business. He says, “I have always been in love with the area, it’s a beautiful part of Ontario.” He really likes the vibrancy of the community despite being so small and tight knit. He continued saying, “You truly get the best of both worlds.” Vilon also said that he loves the close proximity to many out of town amenities such as the Blue Mountains or downtown Toronto, citing Dufferin County as an important midpoint between the two. One of the things that Vilon hopes for Dufferin is the ongoing improvement of business networking and connection within the community. He said, “The more everybody can collaborate, the stronger everybody gets.” He hopes that business networking in Dufferin can continue to improve so that the community can grow but with no one being left behind and said the community is a truly special one. 


Vilon wants the community to know that they should give him a shot saying, “I’m not for everybody, but you won’t know unless you try,” and mentioned his free call where businesses can get free advice. If you want to talk to Jason, you can contact him by phone at (416) 666-5812 or check out his website: