Marlin Travel Orangeville

There is a lot that goes into booking a vacation, from deciding where to travel, to setting a budget, planning accommodations and much more. Luckily for Dufferin residents there is Marlin Travel. A retail travel agency with a heart, soul, and passion that could inspire even the most hardened homebody to head out on a vacation. Marlin Travel has served Dufferin for 20 years helping vacationers every step along the way to ensure an incredible holiday. Marlin Travel has been proud members of the Dufferin Board of Trade since 2001 and they take an active role sitting on the Board and various committees. We sat down with Colleen Stephenson of Marlin Travel to hear a bit about their story and learn more about what makes them an incredible asset to the Dufferin business community.

It doesn’t take long when visiting Marlin Travel to get a sense of community. The first thing you will notice is that all six of Marlin Travel’s employees work together as a team. There is a common goal and a common understanding; let’s make sure everyone gets on vacation – and plan that vacation as if it were our own. For the agents at Marlin Travel it’s simple, they would not sell a vacation that they would not take themselves. Marlin Travel sells the experience, not the price. The idea is to strive to offer high quality and safe vacations for the best possible price for every budget. Today Marlin Travel faces external pressures from a host of competitors, among them being internet based travel websites. The solution for Marlin Travel is to Think Local. All employees of Marlin Travel live and work in Dufferin. They are a part of the community and strive to get involved as much as possible.When asked how Marlin Travel exemplifies Thinking Local Colleen stated,


“By getting out there, by meeting people, and by showing up to Dufferin Board of Trade events; things where you meet the people in the community”


Innovation in the industry is also something Marlin Travel strives to achieve. To combat the misconception that vacation is simply too expensive, Marlin Travel has created a Vacation Account program that helps would-be travellers to save up for their trip. The agents at Marlin Travel believe that they can get anyone to anywhere they would like to go.

Marlin Travel truly embodies what it means to Think Local, immersing themselves in the community and taking a genuine interest in the people of Dufferin County. You will find Marlin Travel sponsoring events, supporting local initiatives, sitting on committees, and helping to improve the business environment in Dufferin County.

So next time you’re thinking about heading out for that once in a life time trip Think Local and visit the dedicated team at Marlin Travel.