9Round Orangeville

9Round is a unique fitness circuit designed to give members a fun, high intensity, full-body workout in under 30 minutes. Located in Orangeville, 9Round solidifies its place in Dufferin County among the many fitness clubs through flexibility; there are no set class times, meaning members can come for a full body workout whenever they like. We had the opportunity to speak with 9Round owner Janet-Lynn Morrison to learn a bit more about what makes 9Round an important part of the Dufferin business community and how it all got started.

A truly community minded person, Janet-Lynn has always known her purpose is to help people. Volunteerism has been an important aspect of Janet-Lynn’s life, from working with the elderly to volunteering in schools. It is this drive to help people that inspired Janet-Lynn to start 9Round in Orangeville. Noticing the saturated fitness club market in Orangeville, Janet-Lynn needed to find something different, something that would fulfil her passion for fitness and her desire to help people. 9Round’s highly flexible program allows for anyone to be able to do the workout. Members will enjoy the support of a trainer throughout the circuit as well as access to innovative fitness technologies. Janet-Lynn stresses that intimidation or the notion that someone isn’t fit enough or too age advanced to work out at 9Round simply isn’t the case. 9Round is for everyone regardless of experience, shape, or current fitness level.


9Round understands the importance of thinking local. Janet-Lynn focuses on building relationships within the community as well as with her members, she states,


“My job is to make people feel like we have a relationship with them, to make them feel welcome”.



Through community partnerships, Janet-Lynn is able to offer her members discounts at various other local businesses around town. Janet-Lynn believes it is important to be a member of the Dufferin Board of Trade and committees such as the Dufferin Women in Business in order to network with the business community and to see what opportunities and needs are present in the community. 9Round truly takes a community minded approach, you will find 9Round donating items and memberships for various auctions, sponsoring sports teams in Dufferin, and partnering with the high school to allow gym classes to jog over to use the gym during school hours. 9Round also works with the school’s high-risk students providing them the opportunity to access special membership rates to improve their well-being and mental health.

9Round sets an example of what it means to Think Local. Janet-Lynn’s passion to help people permeates every aspect of her business. It is in the desire to build genuine relationships where 9Round differentiates itself in the fitness market and where Janet-Lynn finds her fulfillment and success.

So next time you’re thinking about heading out for a workout Think Local and visit 9Round!