Tess Prendergast

Hello residents of Orangeville,

Orangeville has been my home for over a decade. This is where my husband and I chose to start our careers, buy a house, raise our family, and plant our roots. We have two young children in elementary school, a fluffy rough collie, and two cats. Our family is actively engaged in all that the community has to offer. We love living in Orangeville – the urban hub of Dufferin County.
I am a teacher – librarian at St. Andrew school and also teach French. As a librarian I am skilled in research and will be able to provide a thorough, unbiased look at items presented to the council. Orangeville’s a phenomenal place to work, live, and raise a family. I am invested in the future of this town.
My vision and values are aligned with the following:

1. Obtain input of residents in decision making to ensure high property taxes are spent responsibly prior to implementing decisions.
• Seek to publicize municipal programs more effectively and establish a youth committee to provide youth perspective to council.
2. Build an environmentally sustainable Orangeville for future generations. Consider the impact of decision making on the climate.
• “No Mow” May/butterfly education campaign.
3. Provide municipal services that grow with and connect our community. Ensure balanced municipal programming for all, from seniors to babies and everyone in between.
• Propose sensory hours in municipal facilities, eg. the library, to benefit individuals with sensory processing sensitivities.
• Explore solutions to bolster recreational programming for seniors .
My vision for Orangeville is that of a strong town – one that promotes active transportation, walkable neighbourhoods, transit that connects our community, responsible development that balances our historic charm and cultural heritage with the needs of a growing and aging population, and a town that always considers and is accountable to the taxpayer.

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