Quality of life and a commitment to well-being means having access to an integrated, progressive health care team in your geographic region. Residents of Dufferin County benefit from Ontario’s quality health care system, alongside services offered by complementary practitioners.


Doctors, hospitals and clinics

Family doctors are available and accepting clients in Dufferin to support family and overall healthcare needs. New residents can look to Health Care Connect to find a family doctor, nurse practitioner or walk-in clinic in Dufferin.



As you enter Dufferin County from the south, at the corner of highways 9 and 10, you will see Headwaters Health Care Centre overlooking the Town of Orangeville. Headwaters Health Care Centre is a medium-size acute and complex continuing care facility, offering both inpatient and outpatient services, as well as an Emergency Department with 24/7 coverage. Programs and services include: continuing care facility with services ranging from diagnostic imaging, general surgery, internal medicine, palliative care, complex continuing care, obstetrics, and paediatrics. In addition outpatient services include clinics for cardiac wellness, diabetes education, dialysis, chemotherapy, orthopaedics, arthritis, speech pathology, rehabilitation and respiratory therapy.

The new Highlands Health Network Family Practice sits adjacent to the Orangeville hospital. This practice has built a strong centre in recent years with a variety of healthcare services offered under one roof. The Mel Lloyd Family Health Team in Shelburne provides the coordination and integration of many health care services in one location as well.

Doctors are available in our more rural communities, and walk-in clinics are available for after-hours and non-life-threatening illnesses. Our communities are equipped with excellent emergency care delivered through our emergency response staff.


Maternal / Child Health

There are three obstetricians/gynecologists who provide primary and secondary obstetrical care from Headwaters Health Care Centre. The Maternal Child unit at the hospital has seven labour and delivery suites. Orangeville is a growing community and has 800 deliveries per year! Approximately 45 family physicians refer to Headwaters with three general practitioners still participating in obstetrics deliveries. Dufferin also boasts two midwifery clinics to serve residents in Orangeville, Grand Valley and surrounding areas.


Complementary care

With the right services and supports, community health can flourish. In Dufferin, you will find practitioners to help you grow your physical, emotional, behavioural and mental health, from massage therapists to behavioural psychologists, from yogis to naturopaths.

edelbrock2Many different organizations weave together to create the social safety net and when people find themselves in need, help often comes from more than one of these groups. Today, in Dufferin County, people can find all the help they need in one place: the W&M Edelbrock Centre. Thanks to the exceptional generosity of Wilhelm and Margarete Edelbrock and the forward thinking of Dufferin County Community Services and the Dufferin County Council the major social services are all under one roof.

Dufferin supports and welcomes many faith communities and community groups. You will be able to connect within a network based on your personal connections and beliefs.

For an overall picture of Dufferin well-being, visit the Headwaters Communities in Action “Community Well-being Report”, released in 2016.