Township of Melancthon

Melancthon Township lies in the north-west of Dufferin County and boasts large tracts of fertile land that produce the best potatoes in Ontario. The soil here is lush and has properties sought after by farmers. The agricultural opportunities here are obvious, but there are other attributes of Melancthon that are worth exploring further.

The beauty of the landscape and the proximity to services in nearby Shelburne or Orangeville make rural living an attractive proposition. Clients, customers and friends in the Greater Toronto Area are easily accessible by well-maintained roads. Pearson International Airport is just an hour and half’s drive.

township-of-melancthonOne of its three hamlets, Horning’s Mills, is at the head of the breathtaking Pine River Valley, home of excellent fishing, hiking and tourism opportunities. The area’s abundant natural resources make it attractive to tourists and tourism businesses looking to capture the day-tripper market.

The municipality can support small niche industrial development with several specialty machining shops already set up in the area where the employees and owners can enjoy the quality of life abundant in Melancthon and still be close to market.

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A snapshot of Melancthon’s data:


2011 Census Profile – Statistics Canada
Median age of population40.6 years
% of population ages 15 and over81.8%
Total private dwellings1100
Population density per square kilometre9.1
Land area310.96 km2

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