Shona Robbins

My name is Shona Robbins, and I am running for a Councillor seat within the Town of Mono. I have lived in Dufferin County since 1986, and I have been a Mono resident since 2018. Mono has always been a desirable place to live because of the beautiful environment, the small community feel, and the wonderful people who reside here. Over the years, Mono has become more diverse, and I believe that some updates are needed to keep up with those on-going changes.

I am the mother of six beautiful children. My partner and I live in Camilla with our children and our Great Dane. We are very lucky to have my parents and my brother (and his family) also residing here in Mono. Professionally, I have achieved a Bachelor of Arts in English from Daemen University and a Professional Masters of Education from Queen’s University. I have been a post-secondary professor since 2010, a member of the Ontario College of Teachers since 2008, and a certified member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee since 2019. I also have a passion for sports and recreation. I have experience organizing recreational sports, for adults, and I have coached various sports over the years. My professional encounters have given me significant experience working with a diverse population; I have worked with children, young adults, new Canadians, second career students, students with learning disabilities, adults requiring accommodations, and members from underrepresented groups. As a mother, an educator, and a small business owner, I believe in fairness, integrity, and communication. Moving into politics, I would continue to conduct my community work with these same principles.

As a town councillor, my focus would be to provide leadership and collaboration. Mono residents love living here; however, many have voiced their needs for some modernized revisions to be made on our roads, within our bylaws, and with our plans for the future. Nevertheless, protecting our rural areas and preserving our water supply is important to me. Despite the growth in the neighboring townships and municipalities, I believe that Mono should remain a small town. The demands for services within our community will continue to change, and I am prepared to pursue those needs. There is no doubt that we need a stronger plan to battle our road safety concerns. We need to do a better job supporting our farmers and endorsing our small businesses. We should be maximizing our recreational opportunities while reinforcing our community partnerships wherever possible. We need to have updated forethought for the future so that Mono remains a desirable and affordable place to live. I also believe in escalating the partnerships with the adjacent towns, so that we can improve shared services and build a stronger voice within the province.

We are extremely privileged to have multiple seats within our town council. I believe that Mono Council should incorporate members from differing groups; council should contain members that have various backgrounds and expertise. Our council should represent those living in both rural and urban Mono. Our council should represent everyone – from our young families, to our retired residents; from our rural neighbors to those living in subdivisions. We all experience Mono from different viewpoints, yet we all deserve to have our concerns heard. I also believe that constructive growth comes from brainstorming, collaboration, and debating.

Finally, when it comes time to cast your vote, please consider what I can do for you. I strive to bring a fresh new perspective to council, while also advocating for the varying voices within Mono. I thank you in advance for your time and consideration, and I hope to receive your vote.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns that you may have.

Shona Robbins
[email protected]