Shirley Boxem

My husband and I have been in Mulmur for over 17 years. We came to the area because Tom’s father was born in Creemore. Only after we moved to Mulmur did we discover that his great grandfather was a blacksmith who lived nearby for a time before relocating to Mansfield, then Creemore.
My work for the community started with Stop the Mega Quarry. I joined up after Foodstock to help with admin and quickly became the events manager. I participated in the creation of Food&Water First and later became the Chair of NDACT . It was through this work that I gained a fuller appreciation of farmland and source water protection.
My more recent position as the Executive Director of Headwaters Communities in Action (HCIA), increased my commitment to our community as well as protecting the rural characteristics that we all love.
My current volunteering is with the Dufferin Community Foundation which connects caring community members to worthwhile causes that enrich the well-being of Dufferin County. All of this has not only fuelled my passion for Mulmur, but further developed many skills that I’ve utilized in my time on council. My earlier career as a learning consultant gives me a learning attitude. Keep digging and having conversations is my mantra.
I’d like to thank the local farmers who I continue to meet via Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance for introducing me to excellent quality locally grown food. My hobby is growing food thanks to them. I will not be putting any of them out of business, however. 😊

Contact Shirley by email:  [email protected]


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