Vic Thapar

Hello my name is Vic Thapar
I am pleased to be running for councillor of the Town of Orangeville in the upcoming municiple elections.
I was born in the small town of Kapurthala in Punjab India.
I received my medical degree M.B.B.S. in Punjab.
I worked as a general physician in a government hospital in India.
My family and I aslo set up a free volunteer clinic for those less fortunate in India where we covered the costs of their treatments and medicines (medicine is private in India and expensive), so the less fortunate could have access to healthcare as well.
When I got the chance to relocate to the “Paradise of the World”, CANADA.
I jumped at it.
I worked for the govt. of Alberta with the department of employment and immigration. I also worked part time at the Home Depot in Edmonton.
When I had the opportunity to move to Orangeville in 2012 I took that opportunity as well.
I work full time as a supervisor/manager with The Home Depot here in Orangeville. I work with trades people and professionals daily.
I live with my parents and two small children and realize we have some important issues that need attention.
Things like our extremely high municple tax rates, the lack of activities for seniors and youth.
Instead if just complaining, as many do, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to get involved in changing this town for the better.
I look forward to your support on Oct 22 as we move forward and build a more dynamic future for this wonderful town!

Phone: (519) 939-9023