Trevor Castiglione

Let me introduce myself my name is TREVOR CASTIGLIONE.

I am running for the position of Town Councillor. I have lived in Orangeville 40 plus years. I have owned managed and operated businesses and properties in Orangeville in that time. I am very involved in our community with things such as Toys for Tots, food drives for the Orangeville Food Bank, holiday dinners for seniors where we make sure seniors have a home cooked holiday meal made for them and delivered to them where they would otherwise be alone or not be able to enjoy one. I believe in supporting local charities and help fundraise for many events.

As I have lived in this great Town of Orangeville from a very young age and have seen this town change drastically over the past 40 plus years. We have had growth in the residential sector however Industry in this town has drastically declined over the years causing a financial burden on the residential taxpayers. We need to find ways to stabilize our economic development to help offset taxes for our residents.

I have been very active in the 2010 and 2014 elections, I am aware of the many issues at hand. Taxes, policing and current spending of council with tax payers hard earned money are all major issues just to name a few. For the past 12 years I have been speaking up about many issues that others couldn’t and attending council meetings and questioning council and staff members on some of their decisions on rather otherwise touchy subjects. I have been VERY vocal at council meetings expressing how myself and many others feel about issues concerning our town and have become a voice for others who are concerned to speak up. I want to be your voice and am not afraid to say it like it is. I want the FACTS and am not intimidated to ask the difficult questions.

I put my name in to run for a Councillor position because I feel council has lost touch with the residents of Orangeville and the real issues they face. The shenanigans of current council are completely unacceptable in my opinion, this is not how a council should behave. The continued overspending of the tax payers money which is also completely unacceptable in my opinion. I know I can help tighten the reigns on the over spending and see things from a more logical down to earth point of view from a resident and small business owners frame of mind. I have been proclaimed as somewhat of an outspoken personality in Orangeville, I embrace that moniker, I stand up and speak my mind. I will approach each issue with an open mind. I will look out for the best interests of the majority of Orangeville tax payers. I am not afraid of putting myself forward on critical issues.

For too long we’ve had council members and people running saying things they think the public wants to hear to get votes and appease the public , I’m not like that. I tell it how it is! YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE , a vote for me is your voice on council, someone that will listen to you and speak up for you.