Susan Graham

I have resided in Amaranth with my husband and two children for almost 30 years. I have worked at a local law firm for almost 30 years.
I feel with my legal background and as a long term resident, parent and taxpayer that I would be an asset to the constituents of the Township of Amaranth. I look forward to representing my neighbours and all of the residents of Amaranth in representing them on Council. I am also a proud supporter of our farmers
With the ongoing pressure from the Provincial Government on municipalities for residential growth and urban sprawl, I feel we must act in the best interests of our community members conserving our small Township and its integrity. We must not sacrifice what is good in our wonderful community for unrestrained growth. We need to prioritize safety, our environment and cost concerns in a way that benefits and respects all residents.

Phone: (519) 928-2712