Shane Hall

My name is Shane Hall and it is my privilege to be running for Shelburne Council. Many may know that I am employed at KTH Shelburne in the role of Senior Vice President. Our operations have seen North American benchmark status related to production and efficiency while at the same time seen tremendous growth within our operations. Our company prosperity has always had a very close tie to that of the town. Being the largest employer in Dufferin County our sustainability has always been a high priority.
My education includes graduating from CDDHS and continuing post-secondary at Brock University. I studied Business before returning to Shelburne to make a living and raise my family. I have four wonderful children whom range from 23 to 9 and am proud to say still call Shelburne their home.
I continue to support the community through various volunteer efforts in a variety of areas. This can be seen through the various activities with the service clubs, schools or minor league sports. I am always willing to do what is needed.
My spare time consists of vintage snowmobile collecting. Being the co-founder of the Ontario Vintage Snowmobile Club, I have amassed one of the largest collections in Southern Ontario. I have hosted and supported many of the events related to the sport/hobby in the area for a number of years.
My focus for our community:
Balanced Growth plans for all sectors (Residential/Retail/Employment)
Youth Engagement with a focus on mentorship
Fiscal Responsibility
Community Engagement
Thank you for considering me as a member for Shelburne Town Council.

Phone: (519) 925-6480