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Alethia O’Hara-Stephenson

I am happy to announce my candidacy for the Upper Grand District School Board Trustee.

I am a wife, proud mom of three amazing children (Jhordane, Amoy and Hayden), and a community leader who is passionate about supporting our youth so they are empowered to be our future leaders.
I believe every child should have the opportunity to access the resources and support required to reach their full potential. As a parent in this beautiful town, I know first-hand the needs of this community and that is one of the many reasons why my husband Alton and I created the very first and only free drop in program in Shelburne! This program is open to all students in Shelburne and the surrounding area and is designed to allow students to come in to play, learn, and develop teamwork, self confidence and leadership skills in a safe and healthy environment. I believe that the individuals entrusted with our children’s education need access to resources and support to help them succeed. It is my vision to ensure that all families and educators have this access and if elected I will fight to ensure that our educators and families have the tools they need to help our youth to succeed. Having one child who successfully completed high school right here at Center Dufferin District High School (CDDHS) and one still in elementary school reinforces my desire to ensure everyone succeeds. I am proud of this beautiful community and as a professional in the financial services industry I will bring new and creative perspective to the table that is inclusive and representative of all. I am approachable, open, courteous and respectful of your individual needs. I will work with the community to find solutions and answers that puts our youth first.
As your candidate for the Upper Grand District School Board (UGDSB) Trustee, you can count on me to be there, to be #accessible, #visible and #present. I will listen to your needs and advocate for you.
Thank you for your support!

Phone: (647) 210-1939

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Lynn Topping

Before proudly serving the Upper Grand District School Board for 14 years as trustee, I enjoyed a full career as an elementary school teacher working in all divisions of elementary school.
Supervised Alternative Learning Experience, French Immersion, Program, Parent Involvement, Upper Grand Learning Foundation, Audit, Principal Eligibility, Learning Choices and Student Discipline have been my active committees in my last term.
My goal, as trustee, is to fully participate in decisions directing the entire board and ensuring that the needs of our now urban/rural community are known and accommodated for in the final plans.
I continue to serve my community as a resource worker with EarlyOn Dufferin and active volunteer in Shelburne Lions and Dufferin Caledon Victim services.

Phone: (519) 925-2819

Sheralyn Roman

I’m Sheralyn Roman and I am running on the platform of Supporting Success in Education. I believe parents and teachers alike are concerned about things like bussing safety, curriculum, special education, access to resources in the classroom and more. I ask you to read my bio to find out more about how I am ready, willing and able to help advocate for families and schools in the role of Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board Trustee!
My Motivation:
I am the mother of two amazing kids and have been married for 30+ years. I attend St. Leonard’s Church. As a long time volunteer I am running for the position of Trustee because I believe in maintaining open communication between parents, students and schools. I agree strongly with the statement that it is the trustee’s role to make “sure that the community has a direct way to express its views on vital education decisions that affect our day to day lives.” I am passionate about education and about providing children the supports and resources they require in order to achieve their full potential.

My professional background includes: graduating with a B.A. from McMaster and a B.Ed. from Brock University. After a career in Human Resources, I received an Adult Education Teaching Certificate from Sheridan College where I taught for several years in the School of Business. I also served for several years as an on-call emergency supply teacher for the DPCDSB. Currently, I own a small communications company called Writing Right For You, providing training, editorial and creative writing services for small business. I also work with the Snapd Newspaper Group and I am the published author of a children’s book, Epic Ellie and the Invisible Dragon.

Volunteer Experience includes:
At both the elementary and secondary school level I have served as Parent Advisory Council Chairperson, Parish Rep, Secretary and as a classroom and parish volunteer. I’ve volunteered with the All Star Reading Program, the Primary, Junior and Intermediate “Forest of Reading” Book Clubs, the Caledon Public Library and as a “Friends of the Library” committee member. I sit on the Board of Directors for the Caledon Parent Child Centre and on the Executive of the South Caledon Soccer Club. Previously, I was a member of the Ambassador Board of the Leadership Forum for Women, Caledon.

I have experience with Junior Achievement, volunteering in classrooms teaching their Economics of Staying in School program and have been actively involved in fundraising activities such as The Pink Hair Dare Campaign supporting The Wellness Centre, raising money for and walking in The Relay for Life and fundraising for the United Way. At the Parish level, in the past, my family and I have welcomed opportunities to volunteer in our Parish with the Good Shepherd program and packing Christmas hampers. I am also honoured to have been included on the list of Lectors for St. Leonard’s for several years.

Please feel free to contact me anytime!

Phone: (416) 420-9415

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Gail Campbell

We have one chance to enable our students to become productive adults able to cope with the world; that chance is through our school system. We need to ensure that the programmes offered to students are current, appropriate and encourage our young people to want to learn. We also need to ensure that our teachers and support staff are well trained, compassionate, and kept up to date with current information and teaching methods.

I will bring to the trustee position my integrity, knowledge, education, experience and excitement to be part of the Upper Grand District School Board.

I am a Registered Nurse, retired after working many years in Orangeville Hospital’s Emergency Room – a position I really loved. As our daughters were growing up, I volunteered with a Brownie Pack, worked as a Parent Council member at their school, and assisted founding Block Parents in Orangeville. When our daughters were still in Elementary School, I became really concerned about several issues at school, and ran successfully for Public School Trustee with the Dufferin County School Board. I served 15 years as a Trustee, during which time I was appointed by the Province of Ontario as a member of the Orangeville Police Services Board. 1997 I ran for Council and have served on Council continually since then. Throughout this time have served on almost every Board and Committee of Council. I currently am Council’s representative on the Credit Valley Conservation Board of Directors, as well as being a Council representative on the Orangeville Police Services Board. Provincially, I have served many years on the Executive of Ontario Small Urban Municipalities. I am very experienced in working with all levels of government. I am able to work

well, both independently, and in a team, to discuss issues respectfully and come to a conclusion that benefits everyone. I have integrity, and stand by my words and actions. Mistakes happen, but if I make an error, I will admit it, accept the consequences, and work to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. I am a hard worker, do my “homework”, arriving at meetings prepared to discuss and resolve issues.

I am a member of Consumers’ Council of Canada, a national volunteer organization advocating for consumers’ rights and responsibilities. We work cooperatively with all levels of government and industry to protect and enhance the rights of Canadian Consumers. When necessary, we take respectful and strong positions on issues to ensure that consumers’ voices are heard.

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. I am now in remission, and am being followed regularly by Princess Margaret Hospital. Having cancer is no longer a death sentence. I am so grateful that my treatment has allowed me to continue experiencing life’s joys.

All of these experiences have enhanced my ability to be a strong decision maker and an effective trustee.

In addition to my knowledge and experience, I will continue to bring my excitement and enthusiasm to exploring new and innovative ways to constantly improve our education community. I want to continue working for you to ensure that Orangeville’s public schools are offering the best programmes available to our young people.


Shelley Bergant

Hello my name is Shelley Bergant and I am a candidate for Upper Grand District School Board Trustee for the Town of Orangeville. I am running for School Board Trustee cause I believe every student in Ontario must have a voice at the board level. I will advocate for equality so that every student have the opportunity to succeed during their 14 years of elementary and secondary school. I have a decent understanding of board procedures from attending recent board meetings. Therefore I have a strong willingness to learn all about the school trustee role and how I can improve it overall all while respecting the taxpayer.

My vast experience with the Upper Grand District School Board includes being a former parent council chair at Orangeville District Secondary School and Credit Meadows Elementary School. I sincerely hope that I have enriched the lives of many students with the various programs we have put in place at the schools. All students now have a chance to go on field trips, and take advantage of wonderful breakfast programs and snack programs that are in place at many Orangeville schools.

My most rewarding experience was volunteering at Credit Meadows Elementary School and Orangeville District Secondary School . I also have been nominated for the “Everyday Hero Award” for Upper Grand District School Board in 2011 for my many hours of volunteering at Credit Meadows Elementary School in the classroom and with Parent Council organizing many events including food days.

My role as trustee would focus on being a community advocate for public education. I will work with board members, parents, students, principals, vice principals and teachers so that current student’s have the skills and abilities needed to further their individual lives and provide for the needs of this great country in the future. Special Education is very important to me. As parents we play a vital role in the development and education of our students and their success at school and at home. I will advocate for all parents. I would be a Trustee for the Students.

My family moved to Orangeville 11 years ago and I have the strong support of my family and my many friends. I am currently active volunteering in the community . I am currently an active member of the Orangeville Horticulture Society .

Please come out to the polls on Monday October 22, 2018 and Vote for Shelley Bergant as your Upper Grand District School Board Trustee Candidate.

Phone: (519) 806-1658

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