Philippe Caine

My Name is Philippe Caine, I have been a resident of Amaranth for over over 30 years. I’m married to my beautiful wife, Rose, and we have 2 children ages 9 and 3. Rose and I own and operate Wellness on 109, Amaranth’s only Registered Massage Therapy Clinic.

As a local small business owner, I understand the pressures that municipalities face when it comes to economic development, growth, sustainability and most important, value for money service delivery.

As your representative on Amaranth Town Council, I will be your voice on to value for tax dollars, open and transparent government through the decision making process.

With fresh set of ears and eyes, I want to be your voice – one that will stand up for you.

As a dedicated father, husband, successful small business owner, I will bring my hard work ethic to Council to ensure fairness across the municipality.

We all deserve better governance and transparent decision-making, and I vow to represent you at Town Council.

Phone: (519) 940-8800

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