Mikal Archer

For the past 20 years, Mikal Archer has been a huge advocate for global citizenship with efforts that include, but aren’t limited to building churches and libraries in developing countries, athletic associations for youth, one-on-one youth mentorship as well as helping to establish a men’s group in Shelburne, Ontario to foster a stronger sense of community and support, 7:00 a.m. street feedings of individuals experiencing homelessness in the downtown Toronto area, and his personal favourite: bringing Christmas and Thanksgiving to the underprivileged by preparing and distributing blankets and homemade meals, a venture personally financed for many years.

Since relocating from the Greater Toronto Area to Shelburne 2 1/2 years ago, Mikal has observed several of the same needs and has gradually shifted the scope of his target from the global community to the rapidly-growing Shelburne community as its growth rate presently supersedes its resources. Mikal believes in growth—but growth that is deliberate, controlled and mindful while also preserving community identity, most importantly. He holds the firm belief that in straying away from these principles and core values as well as progressing too fast without proper planning, we risk losing the soul of this town—its people.

In speaking with multiple residents throughout Shelburne, both young and old, new and native, the general consensus is displeasure with an administration that although respected and appreciated for their accomplishments—residents feel their opinions are no longer heard or relevant in paramount decisions that affect them as taxpayers and voters. With extensive experience in fresh perspectives, critical thinking, and team mediation as well as finance, logistics, and operations, he hopes to better facilitate the current and future changes while continuing to serve the town of Shelburne with honesty, integrity and trust.

Mikal believes in change that is focused and his target aims at the interest of the community of Shelburne as a whole: improvements to infrastructure, accessibility, greater diversity, community involvement, youth & senior initiatives, and new business and employment opportunities. As such, he plans to incorporate a community wellness plan model adapted from Dr. Bill Hettler’s 1976 original Model of Wellness to address the rapid changes and ever-growing needs of the present Shelburne community, which include: physical, social, environmental, occupational, spiritual, financial, emotional, and intellectual.

For more information about his platform, please visit www.ontargetforshelburne.ca.

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