Mark Tijssen

Mark grew up farming in Caledon, earned a BSc. at the University of Guelph and then served 32 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. He retired in 2017 as the Deputy Commandant of the Canadian Forces Training Development Centre in Borden. He and his wife Cynthia bought a wet farm in Amaranth and have rapidly transformed it into a productive oasis of farmland and maple trees. Mark is an active supporter of property rights and serves as president of the Dufferin Landowners Association; as such, he believes that environmentally sensitive lands should be preserved, but not through retroactive designation and downloading of these costs to the private property owner. Mark believes that taxes are inevitable if we wish to live in a desirable community, but that each tax dollar must be spent in a way that helps the community. He also believes that government is created to serve, and that anyone wishing to develop or create employment in Amaranth must be assisted by staff to navigate the maze of provincial legislation and local bylaws in order to achieve a productive outcome if at all possible. Mark wants to work for the people of Amaranth!

Phone: (519) 939-1889