Lynda Buffett

“Shelburne is facing major financial challenges in the next 4 year term of council because of the increasing pressures of fast-paced growth.
There’s a saying that goes like this…… “Growth Pays for Growth”….. but my experience as a former municipal councillor tells a different story. And if this saying were true, Shelburne wouldn’t be facing these serious financial pressures today. Growth is now creating more financial strain on our existing infrastructure so managing growth is not an easy task!
Effectively planning new developments that complement our existing neighbourhoods and our heritage is key to maintaining our small town charm and with this challenge I believe council must take a leadership role to:
• Create a balance between residential growth while attracting new commercial/ industrial development that will be essential to our financial success as a town.
• Provide more recreational services to enhance our quality of life for both our new young families and our long time residents.
• Create a vibrant downtown that will preserve the character and history of our town while encouraging more local retail shopping for residents.
How we handle these issues and others such as policing will become the key to our success or failure as a town and I believe we only have one chance to get it right.
“Recently having been directly involved with my Rotary Club and our other service clubs who worked together to oppose the sale of Fiddle Park, I have to say that this was the main issue that finally triggered my decision to run again.
I believed that selling Fiddle Park to a developer was neither a good planning option, nor was it a good “quick fix” to the financial pressures the town is now facing.
Now that the issue has been put to bed temporarily, I believe residents need peace of mind on this issue, once and for all, so that this park is protected indefinitely.
I have decided to run for council because I believe my previous outside municipal council experience, will in many ways, help me better serve the needs of our growing town at this crucial time.”
I have lived in Shelburne for over 20 years, and have been an active volunteer in the community, serving as a long time member of the Shelburne Rotary Club, helping to raise money for the community.
I have also served on town council committees for many years.
I am married and have a career as a real estate agent working for Royal Le Page RCR Realty in our downtown Shelburne office.
Prior to moving to Shelburne, I served on municipal council in the Town of Whitby.