Len Guchardi

As a third- generation resident of Shelburne, I have witnessed the evolution of our town from being a small rural entity to it currently being the fastest growing town in Ontario. Change requires a celebration of the town’s past, its heritage and values; change requires an ongoing dialogue with constituents to ensure the demands of today are addressed, all while looking to the future to ensure we have a viable vision and road map for generations to come. Navigating this tide of change is the mandate of council and I believe that as Councillor, I can serve as a strong voice for responsible change.
My commitment to the community is demonstrated through my history of involvement in our local charities and organizations. It has been my privilege to have dedicated the last two decades to teaching at Centre Dufferin District High School. I have served as a volunteer with the Lions Club, Meals on Wheels, Museum of Dufferin, the Films for Food Project and various DCAFS events. As a marathon runner, I have run in support of local causes including the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics, Compass Run for Food and the annual Terry Fox Run. In 2015, I was honoured to have been chosen as a Pan Am Games Torchbearer. Our local service clubs are integral to the fabric of Shelburne and deserve a standard of transparency and accountability from our municipal government.
My priorities include a commitment to:
-managing the growth and demands on infrastructure, especially water / waste water treatment and other town services.
-balancing options to support and preserve our local police, fire and emergency services.
-developing “myVision 2020” plan for downtown business improvement with the EDC, while also…
-pursuing a Shelburne by-pass based on the best available evidence on traffic volume
-exploring any provincial / corporate partnerships to get this community a multi-purpose rec centre.
As your candidate for Councillor, you have my assurance that I will be accessible to the community, be a strong voice for your concerns and will work respectfully with all levels of government to advocate for Shelburne’s priorities. I believe that together, municipal council and a trusting constituency can guide our changing community to create a positive, prosperous future. I am asking for your support in this 2018 Municipal Election.