Laura Ryan

Laura Ryan has been an active community citizen all her life and has represented the residents of Mono with professional decorum for 24 years. It was during her tenure as Assistant to the Mayor of Alliston that her political interests took hold. She served as Public School Trustee for 9 years, and was first elected to Mono Council in 2003

Laura was subsequently voted in as Mayor for the past two terms, and as County Warden in 2013 and 2016. She is an advocate at County level, serving on Economic Development and Community Services committees, and as the County representative on the Hills of Headwaters Tourism Board.

Her many community service contributions include fundraising for the Friends of Island Lake to build a boardwalk connecting south and north sides of Island Lake. She is a member of the Amaranth Lions Club and on the Board of the newly formed Dufferin Community Foundation.

Laura encourages council to take an open and collaborative approach, believing the best decisions are made with as much input as possible. Under her leadership, communication improvements with residents include quarterly newsletters and an improved Town website that is user friendly. By modifying a procedural by-law, residents are now given an opportunity to ask questions at the beginning of each Council meeting.

She has a strong environmental voice and supported the new Fill Regulations which protect Mono lands from hazardous material that contaminates water and soil.

For the past sixteen years, Laura has owned and managed a thriving specialty dessert business that distributes to retail outlets across Southern Ontario – her pies are famous!

Phone: (705) 435-4931