Kelly Zammit

I have happily called Orangeville home for the past 21 years. I grew up in the nearby town of Bolton. I have always enjoyed life in a small town.
I am a single mom of two beautiful and intelligent daughters. Cassie is 19 and Haylie is 13. I run a successful esthetic business from my home and I’m also a property manager.
I have met with our mayor on several occasions to discuss different issues regarding the town. I attend council meetings regularly and can say politics is in my blood. My grandfather served for several years at the provincial level.
I am confident I have the skills, the ethics, the integrity and the passion to help keep this town running efficiently along with my fellow council members. My goal is to keep this town balanced with the right amount of growth, while keeping the small town community feel.

The biggest concern in this town is our tax dollars.
Why are they as high as they are?
Are there ways to control increases?
Where exactly is our money being spent?
As a single parent and home owner, I know how to make every cent count. I don’t believe in waste. I will treat your tax dollars in the same fashion. Remember these are my tax dollars too.
Check out my website to see more information on how I’m financially responsible.
Spending is necessary. Wasting is not.

I feel we need to consider all members of our community. In Orangeville everyone matters.

Respect is essential. We need to build a council that can work as a team, yet can bring individual thoughts and ideas to the table. A team that can work through conflict using professional discussion.
We will be working together for a minimum of four years. The dynamics of the seven people elected must be free from personal agendas. I have watched and listened over the past four years to a divided council. Some things were accomplished. Can you imagine what we could do with a group of seven council members who could work together as a team?
I would like to be a member of a team that Orangeville can be proud of.


Phone: (647) 205-7274

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