Keith Lowry

I am running for Deputy Mayor of Mulmur Township Council to continue my work of the last eight years, with an added leadership dimension.

My skillset has been developed through the various stages of my life: as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, as a high school teacher, department head and administrator, as a Provincial Supervisory Officer in the Ontario government, as a management consultant in both the public and private sectors, and as a Councillor for Mulmur.

Almost twenty years ago my wife MaryAnn and I chose to move to Mulmur to savour the fresh air and the natural beauty of the valleys and views. As we met more people and grew a greater sense of the township, we became more engaged, and I started to get into ‘the business of Mulmur’ starting with my term as Chair of the Planning Advisory Committee, and then these last four years as a Councillor.

The outside pressures on Mulmur have increased in number and complexity compared to even five years ago. My experience has taught me that we must move forward now from a reactive mode to a proactive, planning mode in order to anticipate and manage effectively the issues that emerge. I believe that we must also deliberately tend and extend strategic relationships with diverse organizations and other municipalities.

I try to ‘walk the talk’ of outreach in my varied roles as Director with the Dufferin Board of Trade, Director with the NVCA, member and Chair of the Rosemont District Fire Board, member of the Dufferin County Economic Development Steering Committee, and member of the North Dufferin Community Centre Mulmur-Melancthon joint Board of Management, among others.

With your support, as Deputy Mayor I will advocate strongly for Mulmur’s interests, and work to protect and preserve the natural richness we enjoy every day in Mulmur.