Jim Demelo

I am employed as a Construction Project Manager.
I am running for Mulmur council because I believe we are at an important period for Mulmur. We established ourselves in Mulmur 12 years ago because of the rural beauty, peaceful nature and friendly residents. We felt Mulmur was the perfect community to live in and raise a family. It is my goal is to ensure it continues to be so.
The next Council will be represented by council members who have not previously served in Council. The mayor and deputy mayor positions are being contested by experienced Council Members. The advantage is the new councilors will be unburdened by history. The challenge is the new councilors will need to get up to speed quickly and precisely to work together with the elected Mayor and Deputy Mayor.
I have the experience in learning new roles quickly and well. I am experienced in change management, collaboration, and basing decisions that are fact based. My previous experience in the public sector will serve me well to work with my peers, other levels of government and business interests. This is crucial for Mulmur’s success in moving forward. Mulmur’s future success depends on our working well together, looking for new and innovative approaches to deal with the issues we currently recognize. We must also be prepared for challenges that may not be readily recognized. Planning will be critical. Reacting to issues most often results in less than ideal results that usually cost more. Planning and preparation allows for flexibility of options with reduction in costs. Future success means changing the way it’s always been done.
We have a great deal of work to do with limited resources. We must prioritize the needs of Mulmur, its residents and natural resources, with a keen eye on managing the costs to respect the ratepayers.

With Mulmur’s support I am ready to serve.