Jason Wolsztyniak

Jason is a proud resident of Grand Valley and lives on Leeson St. with his wife, Kathryn, and his two daughters Madison and Kaley. He is an up and coming business development professional with over a decades worth of experience servicing and selling complex engineered systems to the water and wastewater industries. Markets served include, but not limited to, Canadian Oil Sands, Global Mining Leaders as well as municipal and provincial governments.
His passion is to market, design and sell industry leading commercial equipment to end users with the goal of water preservation, conservation and protection. He is motivated to help all water and wastewater treatment facilities to achieve their best practices goals with respect to the environment.

Jason is proud to see the growth in Dufferin County and wants to give back to the community and help be a part of the continued and future development. His intention is to both work cohesively with council to help develop goals, strategies and engage with the public to carry out these mandates.

Jason would be a first time counselor with the motivation to impress and produce. A fresh perspective for the people of Grand Valley and Dufferin County.