James Jackson

My experiences as a CEO, contractor, MS Ambassador for the MS Society, care giver for a senior, father, & truck driver/logistics, paired with my experience in law enforcement, safety compliance, & emergency services have given me insight to the needs of the general public and look forward to the challenge of representing & listening to the people while doing my best to deliver.

Accessibility – I am looking to improve on the accessibility needs that this community faces. I would like to make our town’s festivals, celebrations, etc., more accessible and not as restrictive. There is a concern about the brick inlays on the sidewalks downtown. They are quite a tripping hazard as well as an issue when it comes to snow removal. The residents of Orangeville deserve better!

OPP/OPS – This is not a current issue as the previous council has already decided to stay with OPS. Also, the OPP will not speak on this until they have gone through all other requests for pricing for their services and get back to us on the list.

Taxes – I hear you! I do need to look at the town’s spending before I can really say anything about this. I want to look at the books thoroughly in all departments to assess what is wanted vs needed! With that, there is always room for improvement and we should be vigilant in the cost and quality of public services. I am currently pursuing and have been in talks with YMCA Canada to bring them to the Orangeville/Dufferin County area. I feel they can bring many programs and experience that is needed here such as accessible fitness programs, senior programs, and homeless programs, etc.

If elected to council, I will be the ear that listens, the eyes that see, the body that is present, the voice that is not afraid to speak. I will do my best for the residents of Orangeville because that is what you deserve!