Gail Little

I am seeking re-election as a councillor for the Township of Amaranth. During the past four years, I have learned a lot about the issues and relationships that contribute to the well-being of a community.

Many years ago, I made the decision to leave behind city life and become a rural resident. I now own and operate a working farm in Amaranth Township where the importance of agriculture to the economy continues to grow. I am on the executive of the Dufferin Federation of Agriculture and have been a long time member of the organizing committee of the Dufferin Farm Tour, a very successful annual event that showcases diverse farm operations around the county.

With a background in economics, I spent several years as head of finance for a business in the heavy construction industry. Currently, my sons and I operate a construction company that operates throughout southern Ontario. From 1988 until amalgamation in 1998, I served as the elected Amaranth representative on the Dufferin County Board of Education.

As a councillor, I will continue to work on a fiscally responsible plan to upgrade and replace infrastructure necessary to our residents. Preservation of our important natural resources such as water, wetlands and buffer zones remains one of my priorities along with the protection of our environment from unmonitored and possibly contaminated fill operations. As your representative, l will work in a respectful and constructive manner with fellow council members and employees to ensure that decisions are based on sound principles and well researched issues. Working together, we can maintain the quality of life for the future generations of Amaranth