Elizabeth Taylor

My name is Elizabeth Taylor and my husband, Wayne and I live on 50 Mill Street in Grand Valley where we have raised three children. I am also the proud grandmother to four young adults. I have been a resident of Grand Valley for almost sixty years. Community participation and leadership have always been important to me as an individual, as a wife and a Mom and Grandma. Therefore, with these convictions in mind, I, Elizabeth Taylor, am seeking a third term as Councillor for the Town of Grand Valley.
I have served as a Councillor for the past two terms in Grand Valley. Overall I would say that it has been a wonderful experience, sometimes challenging but always very rewarding. I feel that by seeking re-election, I bring experience, common sense, leadership and vision and would be an asset to once again serve as a Councillor for the Town of Grand Valley, both rural and urban.
In my previous two terms as Councillor, I have represented the Town of Grand Valley on the following: Grand Valley Business Improvement Association; Grand Valley Community Centre Board; Grand Valley Medical-Dental Centre Board; and Grand Valley Economic Development Committee. As well, I am currently the Chairperson of the Arts, Culture and Tourism Committee which was formed in September 2017.
Over the years, my community experience and participation has also afforded me many opportunities on a multitude of committees and groups and provides me with insight to serve as a Councillor. It is important to me to be supportive and involved in our town and surrounding area. I am always willing to step up and take a leadership role to contribute to any endeavor for the benefit of our town and its people. I am also an active member and organist in my church community. As well I continue to be a member of many local clubs and societies.
Grand Valley is a wonderful, safe community in which we live. There will always be challenges, as we look to the future in support of all our people, inclusive of our youth and our seniors. We have experienced growth in our population over the past few years with the addition of new subdivisions and changes in our municipality which is a positive asset to the progress and future of our town. I, personally am pleased to welcome our many new neighbours and look forward to reaching out and meeting our growing diverse community.
If re-elected I will continue to promote a vision for the town of Grand Valley with respect, tolerance, integrity, transparency and communication to all constituents.

Phone: (519) 928-2893