Bob Currie

My wife and I have lived in Amaranth for over 50 years. We have three respectable children and nine near perfect grandchildren. I was your reeve/mayor for 15 years; the first six of which taxes never went up a dime. I ran a successful real estate company (Bob Currie Real Estate) for many years in the Shelburne area. We still own the two farms we purchased in the 1960’s where we ran a 100 plus cow herd, selling bulls and bred heifers. I have not collected a weekly paycheck in more than 40 years – attesting to the fact that I know how to manage money and spend it wisely. When I was your mayor, we had a staff that was knowledgeable, polite and productive. We worked well together. Not long after stepping down as mayor, the township lost over 100 years of experience through being fired or quitting. You cannot lose this amount of experience without having a negative effect on your future – and it has.

Amaranth is a multi-million dollar corporation and should be run accordingly. I ran the township business as if it were my own – which included not phoning a lawyer every time a problem arises. Most issues can be resolved by reasonable people with good intentions for far less than $500/hour. Let’s get back to common sense and run Amaranth like a business.

Phone: (519) 925-5510