Althea Casamento

My name is Althea Casamento. I’m a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur and I hold an Advanced Diploma in Business and Human Resources. I’m running for the position of Councillor because I believe Shelburne is at a pivotal point. We need to build upon the foundation to create the kind of Community we want Shelburne to become. A Community that is empowered, inclusive, respects each other and our values and has the infrastructure to support our future.

Over the years I have tabled proposals to our Council that have had a positive impact on our Community. Many of these proposals were developed with overall goals of supporting small businesses and strengthening our Community by allowing residents to connect with each other.

My family and I have been in the Community since 2013. In this short time I’ve spearheaded and assisted with many fund-raising initiatives for some of our Community’s much needed programs and services as well as assisted on many Community committees in roles such as Vice Chair for the Fiddle Parade, Director for the Shelburne Fall Fair and committee member on Glenbrook Elementary School Parent Council.

Recently, I created and executed the Shelburne Multicultural Day, this inaugural event was aimed at celebrating the cultural diversity in our Community and offered attendees the opportunity to enjoy arts, crafts and foods which were representative of the various cultures of Shelburne residents and businesses. This event was created with the overall goal of building and connecting a Community that has seen exponential growth which has included an influx of cultural diversity. It was designed as an avenue to remove barriers, educate, spread a positive message about diversity and bring together existing and newly established Community members. It was this event that inspired our local high school students to create and execute their own multicultural celebration.

Over the next few years many difficult decisions must be made. Shelburne will continue to grow and we will need a Council that is representative of our Community to be our voice.
A few of the Community concerns I plan on tackling are:
Supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs looking to invest in our Community‚Äč
Job creation
Managing growth
Support of heritage/cultural based programs & celebrations
Recreational facilities and programs for our Community
Supporting school programs and initiatives

A vote for me, Althea Casamento, will be a vote for someone who is ethical, connected, approachable and engaged. It will be my goal to assist in building a more connected and empowered Community for our present and future!

Thank you for considering me as your Shelburne Town Councillor.

For more information on my campaign please visit my website, social media site or send me an email.

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