Policy Advocacy Committee (PAC)

DBOT’s PAC was formed to identify local business issues, develop the policy agenda of the Dufferin Board of Trade (DBOT) for approval by the Board of Directors, and propose recommendations to advance the policy agenda.

    The PAC’s objectives are:

    • Proactively deliver constructive, and where possible, collaborative public policy statements in the best interests of our members and Dufferin’s business community.
    • Target and act on key public policy initiatives that affect the competitiveness and operations of our member businesses.
    • Engage the services of credible experts within our community to assist us in adding to our advocacy effort.
    • Broker public policy goals with other like-minded organizations
    • Bring solutions forward to address business issues within Dufferin County

    The PAC’s priorities are:

    • To maintain a healthy, mutually respectful working relationship with the County of Dufferin and its eight (8) municipalities at both the political and administrative levels
    • Inform and educate DBOT members regarding policy issues and initiatives
    • Advocate for DBOT members on issues that develop from Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments
    • Foster opportunities for collaboration and partnership with other groups

    The 2021 PAC members are:

    • Sandy Brown, Mayor of Orangeville
    • Doug Harkness, Orangeville Precast
    • Keith Lowry, Lowry Group
    • Bill McCutcheon, Dufferin Federation of Agriculture
    • Brandi Neil, Evans and Adams Law
    • Liz Skorski, Chair – DBOT Board of Directors