Peggy Bond

Hi Orangeville. My name is Peggy Bond and I am running for the position of Town Councillor.

I have been a resident of Orangeville for over 20 years and I love living, working and volunteering here!
I am a married mother of 3 teenagers, health care professional- Registered Physiotherapist- and independent small business owner.
My personal beliefs include the importance of living within one’s means and being debt free, Christian worldview ethics and morals, honesty, accountability and transparency.
My calling is to help people achieve quality of life which includes problem solving unique individual situations in practical and creative ways.
My volunteer and paid work has involved advocating for seniors, the disabled and their families in the public and private health care and social systems, which means navigating the juggernaut of government bureaucracy at times.
I would now like to extend this skill set to the whole community to make our Town an even greater place to live, work and play for our residents, businesses and visitors.

email: [email protected]
phone: 519 938 7857