Update Your Member Profile

Update Your Member Profile

Maintaining a fresh profile on our website will help your business. For log in details please see below and remember to keep your password handy so you can update your page as often as suits your business.

How to Update your Website Profile

Login to the website by clicking the login button on the homepage www.dufferinbot.ca and use your username and password created when you registered.

Once logged in you will see a set of general tabs at the top of your screen. If you select the “Settings” tab you will then have the option of editing one of three different categories of information.

The first category is Personal Information and from there you can update the following:

  • Profile
  • Username/Password
  • Photos
  • Groups/Interests
  • Social Networks
  • Display Preferences

The second category is Company Information and in this section you can edit the following:

  • Profile Summary
  • Organization Information
  • Employees
  • Website Information
  • Categories
  • Logos
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Map Pin Information
  • Membership Badge

Finally the third category of information you can update is Billing information. From here you can update your payment profiles as well as make a payment or view your transaction history.


From your member’s portal you can also add new Events, Deals, Member to Member Deals, News Releases, Job Postings and make a Request for Proposal.

For help with adding of any of these pieces of information, please visit our Members Portal – How to page at https://dufferinbot.ca/portal-documentation/ or contact our Digital Media Manager, Wade Striebel, at [email protected] or by phone at 519-941-0490 ext: 206.