Update Your Member Profile

Update Your Member Profile

Maintaining a fresh profile on our website will help your business. For log in details please see below and remember to keep your password handy so you can update your page as often as suits your business.

How to Update your Website Profile

Login to the website by clicking the login button on the homepage www.dufferinbot.ca and use your username and password created when you registered.

Once logged in you will see Account and to the right a button in the top toolbar called My Account. There is a dropdown menu under My Account with the following choices:

My Content
Add a New Business
Submit a News Story
Submit an Event
Contact Support
Log Out


My Content: list of all content connected to your user name.

View/Edit: choose to edit by clicking edit.

For a Business:
Content: edit, add ,remove content from your business profile

Map/Location Details: please contact the Dufferin Board of Trade to update your business address or location details.

Slideshow: click to add photos to the slide how that  will appear on your profile page, the slideshow images are 1140px x 300px, but are cropped by the system to 848×300 if you choose to populate the map location field.

Logo: To add a logo click the choose file to upload the logo. Required size id 125px by 125px. The system will scale the supplied photo, but for a better look try to use a logo of similar size to 125px by 125px.

Staff/Contacts: Contact name, title, phone and email information can be updated here.

Business Details: Number of Employees will be displayed and is used for initial registration to the site. You can select up to three business areas where your business will appear.

Social Networks: all your various social media account information can be added here.

Update: Once your changes have been made, click on the “Update” button so that changes will be saved to your profile.

Add a New Business – allows you to add an additional business profile for your organization

Submit a News Story – can add a new news page or announcement page and link it to your profile

Submit an event – allows you to add an event that will be linked to your company.

  • Event Name: Enter event name in the textbox at the top of the page
  • Event Content: Enter the event details and associated images in the large textbox under the Event Name
  • Event category: Choose a category to best represent the type of event: Business, Community, Dufferin Women in Business or Dufferin Young Professionals.
  • Event Images: You can upload an image to accompany the event, not larger then5MB
  • Date(s) & Times: Add “Date(s)” and times of the event. If event is over multiple days select, check off “Multiple Days” and set event increments (Each Day, Specific Days, Monthly). Click on “Add More Dates” if additional dates and times are required
  • Map/Location Details: this is where you add event location and to add the event to the map.
  • Organizer Details: Add in a saved organizer or create a new one.
  • Registration URL: can be used if you have your own website, you would enter your website url address here to set the event to link to your website for further details, contact info and to register for the event.
  • Cost: add cost or leave blank for free events.
  • Check off businesses associated with the event: if your business name does not appear in the textbox, then it must be selected from the list in order for the event to show on your profile.
  • Submit Event: Click on the “Submit Event” button so that your event will be saved and displayed on the calendar.