Dufferin Board of Trade Member Badge

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<!-- Dufferin Board of Trade Member 2017 --> 
<a href="https://dufferinbot.ca/?utm_source=memberbadge&utm_campaign=2017%20Member%20Badge" rel="nofollow"><img src="https://dufferinbot.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2017/06/Dufferin-Board-of-Trade-Member-2017.gif" alt="Dufferin Board of Trade Member 2017" /></a> 
<!-- End of Member Badge-->

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Download the badge below for use in print material:


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Badge Usage

Dufferin Board of Trade Member Badge

As a valued member, we encourage you to use the DBOT Member Badge on your website and other promotional and marketing materials to let others know that you are a part of Dufferin’s largest and most powerful business organization. There are a few guidelines to follow  to ensure maximum benefit for your business and DBOT.

Guidelines are outlined below:

Usage: Members in good standing may use the badge on their promotional material. The badge may not be used either in placement or wording as an endorsement of any kind. Examples; “A proud member of” is appropriate, “An invitation from, or endorsed by” are not. The elements of the badge must always be used together.

Placement: Preferred placement of the DBOT Member Badge should be in the top, right hand or lower right hand corner of the document. Ensure the badge is placed prominently without distractions within the application. Always maintain a distance of at least 0.5” around the perimeter of the badge.

Colour: The colours of the badge cannot be changed, however a black and grey version is also available upon request. The badge should not be placed overtop of anything that obscures its visual identity. It should be placed over top of solid colours only.


  • Do maintain proper size of the badge so that the integrity of the badge is not compromised.
  • Do maintain readability of the badge and ensure that the sizing of the badge is kept in consistency with the sizing of the application on which it is used.
  • Do ensure the badge does not overpower the application by being too large, nor underestimated by being set too small.
  • Do place the badge on a clear, light or white background for best readability.


  • Do not break up the badge into components
  • Do not change colour
  • Do not add other design elements to the badge (e.g. outlines, strokes, or drop-shadow), or reconfigure the badge design.
  • Do not intertwine or interconnect the badge with any other logos or badges.
  • Do not use it as an endorsement of a product or service.