Melinda Davie

I have been a Mono Town Councillor since October 2021. In that time I have been a part of the 2022 budget amendments and approval. In addition, I have participated in Covid management discussions, road works, water works, town planning discussions, and high speed internet alternatives and fibre to name a few of the issues. I sit on the management board of the Central Dufferin Recreation Complex and was actively a part of the 2022 summer and 2023 winter staff hiring process. I also sit on the Rosemont Fire Board and the Community Advisory Committee for 236 First Street, the new affordable housing development adjacent to our Starrview neighbourhood. I have been a member of the Recreation Advisory Committee since 2018. I have brought a fresh mind and point of view to the collaborative Council debate and have been actively learning for the past year. I am more than ready to continue on for 2023.

I fell in love with the Town of Mono when I discovered its wonderful woodlot spaces through my involvement in mountain biking. In or around 2008, I began spending countless days riding the wonderful gravel roads connecting the various trail systems while I was training for long-distance cross-country mountain bike races. I have been a Mono woodlot property owner since May 2014 and moved here full time in June 2018 from downtown Toronto. I joined the Mono Recreation Advisory Committee (“RAC”) at that time.

I have recently retired from the practice of paediatrics and I have just finished out my final term on the Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Tribunal after 17 years of service. At this time in life, I have ample time to devote to a continued direction of community service. I am confident that my keen interest, past professional background, both in caring for individuals and managing business interests, as well as my years of adjudicative work provide me with the technical skillset, ability to collaborate, and leadership experience required to be a successful part of Council.

My years of adjudicative work on the Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Tribunal have honed my cooperative decision-making skills through balanced, fair, unbiased application of the Regulated Health Professions Act. I am a good listener, open minded, fair and endeavour to be impartial. I am versed in conflict resolution; remaining calm and balanced under pressure and in the face of conflict As a Councillor, I am keen to assist with the concerns of the community in accordance with the applicable statutes and regulations..

Building community and safe spaces is a great passion of mine and in 2010, I founded a women’s mountain bike club and race team called The Wild Bettys . We host regular rides, run learn-to-bike clinics and strive to encourage women of all ages and abilities to be active for life through mountain biking. When I joined the RAC, I originally hoped to be involved in furthering the development of Mono’s trail system, but quickly came to learn that Mono has much more to offer than just its fantastic trail network. I enjoy volunteering at all RAC-hosted events and getting to know community members. Campaigning now, listening to residents’ concerns and shared love of our town at their doorsteps has been very rewarding. I promise to continue this connection with our residents as it has been invaluable. That is the role of council: to represent you.

When elected I will continue to listen to our residents’ concerns on all topics and be your advocate on Council. I will fairly and unbiasedly balance those with the best interests of the municipality in debate. As we enter this next four years, development, both within and around our Town, the ramifications of climate change and affordability are top of mind for many. We must be mindful of these forces when deciding issues for the Town of Mono. In upcoming 2023 budget discussions I will endeavour to maintain the lowest municipal taxes while delivering the best possible services for our residents. I will strive to maintain our unique balance of rural and urban for the enjoyment of all.

I am very passionate about the Town of Mono and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss any of your concerns. Contact me at [email protected] or call me (647)294-7619, or message me at

I hope I can count on your vote on October 14-24, 2022.