The Dufferin Board of Trade has been serving the business community in our region for over a century. Much of the business environment has changed in that time, but our commitment remains the same; to be the voice of business in Dufferin County. It’s well and good to promulgate our commitment to our members, but what does it actually mean?

Today businesses face a number of challenges; the business environment in which they operate is dynamic and rapidly changing. Competition is no longer regional, rather, competition exists on a global scale; globalization has increased competition from both foreign and domestic entities. Rapid technological changes have necessitated organizational and paradigm shifts which has created a substantial need for skilled talent. In addition, fiscally challenged governments have impacted the business environment through the implementation of new tax policies and business regulations. Today businesses operate in a time of political, economic, and societal change. This is the environment in which businesses must navigate, and this is where the essentiality of your Board of Trade becomes paramount.

Your Board of Trade works to represent the interests of business in our region, but it is much more than that. Membership with your region’s Board of Trade connects your interests with those of a network of over 60,000 diverse members across the province through our membership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC). Together this network helps to shape communities, build business networking opportunities, and offer services and benefits. Most importantly, this is a powerful network that is dedicated to being the voice of business on policy issues that will affect the business environment in which you operate.

The advocacy work of the Dufferin Board of Trade can only be as effective as the input from our members. We want to know what critical issues are affecting your business. Please take the time to complete the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s latest survey to help shape upcoming policy reports and add your voice to Ontario’s most important survey of business opinion.

By taking a moment to complete this short survey, you will be entered into a draw to win a $500 Canadian Tire gift card.

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