Lisa Post

I’m Lisa Post, and I am running to be the next Mayor of Orangeville. I can’t ask for your support without first introducing myself and telling you some of my story.

I am 42 years old, a wife to my husband of 24 years, Mom to two great kids (22 and 16), and Nan to one amazing little girl. Like many of you, my path has had many bends, curves, and even a few forks along the road. My husband and I married young and started our family right away. Being 18, I had no idea what I wanted to do, and school wasn’t an option then. So instead, I went to work to help support our family.

What I didn’t know is that I would find joy and life learning along the way as a retail manager surrounded by incredible people from so many walks of life. I learned to lead and inspire others, and I learned about culture and inclusion and how to be a good role model for my kids, coworkers, and my community. I have been involved in community projects in my hometown of Orangeville, where I found my inspiration.

I began volunteering with non-profits in various capacities, from fundraising to project development and implementation to governance as a board of directors member. I helped make meaningful changes and found skills I didn’t know I had. This curvy path eventually led me to where I am now: a Town Councillor who is now running for Mayor, trying to contribute positively to my community.

Four years ago, I committed to bringing integrity, honesty, and an open mind to Council chambers to work hard and represent the diverse voices in our community. This is a promise kept. I am exceptionally proud of our council team’s work since the last election amidst a global pandemic to restore the decorum and professionalism that Orangeville residents deserve while making tough decisions that would position us positively for the future. In addition, we took a business approach to ensure that spending was under control. As a result, in the last three years, we averaged 1% increases in the municipal budgets when inflation was hovering at an average of about 2.5%.

As I enter my final year of the Bachelor of Community Development Program, working as a Town Councillor and aspiring to further my participation in municipal government policy making, I know I can continue to make a positive difference.

My focus on community ensures safe, equitable community building that prioritizes infrastructure maintenance, accessibility initiatives and continued neighbourhood road safety. At the same time, the emphasis on accountability brings your voices to the table with engagement through regular town hall forums, re-introducing the Mayor’s Youth Council and implementing a Seniors Advisory Table.

The ultimate vision? A place where businesses prosper, our neighbourhoods flourish, and our children come back to live and raise their families. A town where people of all ages and all life stages can thrive. A community that is sustainable and can stand up to future challenges. A vote for Post on October 24th will put a proven voice for the residents in the Mayor’s office so we can build the Orangeville we all want…together.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (519) 216-8368
Facebook: @votelisapostformayor
Twitter: @lisa_posty