With multi-generational roots in both Dufferin and Caledon, Lisa Post continues a long and rich history of public service and community building. Inspired by her Grandfather Alex Raeburn’s passion for the Caledon Village area, where he served as School Board Trustee, Councillor and Deputy Reeve, Lisa has been proudly serving as a Town Councillor in Orangeville since 2018.

During this first term, Lisa has been a vocal advocate for growing an inclusive community and being fiscally responsible. The foundation of all of her decisions at council and at the committee level are based on the conversations she has with residents. Lisa believes it is imperative to engage with all residents whether opinions match or clash – in these diverse conversations lies a solution.

Her passion for equity work shines through in her professional life and also her personal life as an active volunteer in the community serving on various non-profit boards and working alongside a number of community organizations. Lisa is one of the founding organizers for Dufferin County’s first Pride Festival, Celebrate Your Awesome and is also a parent volunteer for the 1849 Lorne Scots Army Cadets.

Navigating through the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic as a municipal councillor, Lisa knew that she needed to be a part of the next phase of this pandemic at a federal level; impacting economic recovery by using community-based solutions, looking for long term solutions for the people who were affected the most and working to move forward as a united nation after becoming divided through this crisis.

Lisa believes that the economy grows strong when you take care of people. Encouraging innovation in technology, committing to diversity and inclusion cares for our economy, and we grow stronger and more resilient. We don’t need to debate whether climate change, covid or the urgency to deal with both is real; we trust in science.

Lisa is rooted in community and plans to use that community-first approach in Ottawa to fight for a safe, inclusive and thriving community for all.

This is our opportunity to raise the bar https://lisapost.liberal.ca

Office Address: 18371 Hurontario Street, Caledon Village, ON L7K 0X7
Website: lisapost.ca
Phone Number: 289-368-POST (7678)
Email: [email protected]

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