KTH Shelburne Manufacturing Inc.



It is inevitable that at some point, every business will experience ups and downs, peaks and valley or even highs and lows. KTH Shelburne Manufacturing Inc., is no exception to this rule. As one of Dufferin County’s largest employers, KTH has risen to the challenges faced by manufacturing plants across Ontario and North America, as well as enduring a number of external challenges beyond their control from economic downturns to earthquakes.  However, on April 14, 2014 the company marked another high point in the Town of Shelburne. From an initial sod turning 17 years ago to the April  14, 2014 announcement of a 54,000 square foot addition, KTH has maintained its position as a leading employer in Dufferin County and a solid member of the community.


Several dignitaries were on hand to help with the celebration and offer their congratulations. Most notably Mayor Ed Crewson identified the lack of investment in automotive parts manufacturing not only in Dufferin, but all across Canada making this recent announcement by KTH particularly remarkable.  The need for the expansion has arisen from new business garnered from Honda Canada in Alliston, Ontario where they produce the ever popular Honda Civic. A new model in 2016 offers KTH a chance to produce more parts and the investment in the addition will be joined by a new 400 tonne stamping machine to service the requirements of the new 2016 model.

Currently KTH employs 425 employees, with more than 80% of the workforce coming from the immediate area of Shelburne, Dundalk and Orangeville and the new addition will result in the creation of 30 more jobs. Competitive wages, a benefit program and a focus on creating a family environment has set KTH apart as a desired place to work in the region.

KTH is committed to the community, and plays a role in the growth of Shelburne as a whole. Growth in Shelburne has given KTH the flexibility to hire a great workforce with more skilled trade people moving to the area. “Growth is wonderful,” Cunningham said. “The Town of Shelburne has done a great job with growing this community. This growth will also attract other businesses, which will really enhance this community.”

“KTH has been a huge influence on the labour force for over 15 years in the Town of Shelburne,” John Telfer, CAO/Clerk Town of Shelburne said. “The impact was felt immediately and continues to be a stable economic force for the town both in total employment and community partner. New development always relies on local employment and KTH has provided many new home owners with employment at their plant.”


KTH is also a proud member of The Dufferin Board of Trade (DBOT) since 2006. Members like KTH often give as much as they get from a membership in DBOT and KTH is no exception. The benefits of membership are realized by KTH in many ways, but they also give back to the community and to other DBOT members through knowledge sharing and community involvement.