Ever since the year 1992, the year Joy Foster founded Kimberlite Enterprises, she has made it her mission to empower everyone, from youth to adults. Life wasn’t always like this for Joy Foster as she started her working career off at YellowPages for 19 years. When meeting with her boss, she received a comment that she should be behind a podium speaking to the people. Little did her boss know, Kimberlite Enterprises was in the works and ever since that day, Joy has been behind countless podiums and cameras bringing out the best in people. Kimberlite focuses on working with most age groups, with a special emphasis on secondary, post-secondary and even working adults.

Joy Foster always knew that she had the power to inspire from a young age. She said, “even when I was younger, my father said it was always my voice he heard when we were fighting as kids.” Foster always put a special emphasis on, “awakening those gifts that each and every one of us hold so dearly, and to be proud about it.” Foster always reinforces that one of the most important parts of Kimberlite Enterprises is based on helping others see the gifts within themselves and then sharing them with the world.

Over the years, Joy Foster has launched many different media platforms through Kimberlite Enterprises. These include, Unwritten on Rogers TV, Joy Foster Podcast, Roadmap with the first series putting an emphasis on how to navigate life for those who may be confused on where to go, and Woman to Woman, which is hosted at Windrush Estate Winery in Adjala. Foster put a special emphasis on her new series Roadmap which will be coming out in September 2023. She said it will be a very important show for her and many young people who view it stating, “they’re going to be hearing from their peers, not me, and we will help them move forward.” You can find links for all these shows and podcasts on Joy Foster’s website, which will be included below.

“Why not start in your own backyard? It is so important to embrace the community, but most importantly, for the community to embrace you.”

Since moving to Alliston, Ontario in 1989, Joy Foster really wanted to put a priority on her own community. When asked why she decided to start Kimberlite Enterprises in the community, she said, “why not start in your own backyard? It is so important to embrace the community, but most importantly, for the community to embrace you.” She noted that Dufferin County is a beautiful place with lots of undiscovered gems. Foster says the best way to support Kimberlite is to attend the various events and simply consume some of the media she puts out there for the public, “It’s not about me, it’s about we.” One thing that Joy Foster wishes to do for the community is to help people realize that life is about helping each other, she says, “it is very important that we learn to give back to each other and to embrace each other.”

If you want to find more information about Kimberlite Enterprises, Joy Foster or any of her media content, you can visit her website: https://kimberlite.ca/ . You can also visit her pages on Facebook and Instagram (kimberlite_enterprises).