Duff­erin County’s resilient manufacturing sector is home to several sub-sectors including automotive, plastics and aerospace components. The sector has remained strong in this areas due to some of our committed companies such as KTH in Shelburne. The importance of the sector is clear as over 10% of jobs in the area are in manufacturing with highest concentrations in automotive and plastics. The chart below shows the projected growth in motor vehicle parts manufacturing in Dufferin Country, an exciting trend as other regions are experiencing a decline in their manufacturing. The concentration of talent, facilities and accessible location make Dufferin an excellent choice for any type of manufacturing.

Local food processing is a growing sector and there are plenty of opportunities for small and medium manufacturers of all types with ready to go facilities and industrial development locations. While small manufacturers often set up in rural areas, the industrial parks near the urban centres of Orangeville, Shelburne and Grand Valley provide the best opportunity for full services near other amenities.


A Growing Sector:

Dufferin has seen an increase in new forms of manufacturing such as plastics recycling and food processing. Our region is well-situated to take advantage of excellent road systems and easy access to the GTA and the northeastern United States. The opportunities presented by value-added food processing close to the large agricultural base in Dufferin are waiting to be realized.

Plastics manufacturing in Ontario has increased by 8.7% from August 2011 to August 2012 which is a positive sign for the local plastics manufacturers in Dufferin County. (Source: Statistics Canada, October 2012).

Dufferin has attracted some unique manufacturing companies that are testing new technology or working closely with the community to provide jobs for local residents of all kinds. Blue Mountain Plastics, a subsidiary of Ice River Springs, a local water bottling company, has developed a process to fully recycle PET plastic into new water bottles.


Quality Packaging and Assembly (QPAC), provides custom manufacturing services with a flexible workforce for simple assembly tasks to complex custom projects right here in Dufferin, close to the GTA. Dufferin is home to many family owned manufacturing companies that have chosen this community to grow their business such as the family team at Dufferin Windows, read their story here.


*2016 forecast assuming unchanged 2014 job totals

*EMSI Analyst 2016 forecast assuming unchanged 2014 job totals