Cultural Industries

Artists from far and wide have relocated here to partake in the burgeoning local arts scene. They are joining the locally grown musicians, visual and dramatic artists that have been stewards of our cultural heritage for over 150 years.


The arts are so much more than entertainment; they feed the economy and the soul of a community. They are integral to the sense of place that Dufferin is known for, our rural heritage and our small town feel.  The arts are also a rapidly growing sector in Dufferin. In fact the projected rate of growth in arts, entertainment jobs at 8.5% between 2012 and 2018 is almost 3% higher than the projected growth rate for the province at 5.9%.

Dufferin County has a strong artistic community that can be seen throughout the region with small studios, stores and galleries that support local artists. The small urban centres of Grand Valley, Orangeville and Shelburne boast storefronts that feature local artists. The Dufferin County Museum is a regional treasure that houses all our historical secrets and local folklore. The region hosts more than arts group too, a testament to the depth of artistic talent in the region. Our natural landscape in Dufferin is spectacular with the UN World Biosphere Reserve; the Niagara Escarpment bisects the County creating a magnificent backdrop for artist and for the fall studio tours in the area headlines by the annual Headwaters Arts Festival.


Collaboration is Key to Community

The benefit, beyond tourism and support for local artists, is the value of the creative mind. As the world embraces the shift from manufacturing to knowledge workers, Dufferin’s strength in attracting talented individuals to our community will benefit your business if talent is what you are looking for. These folks can find ways to work together across disciplines to achieve success, a skill that is increasing in value and is exemplified by businesses such as Holmes Appliances and Music Shop. Come to Dufferin to fulfill your needs for talent and a community where collaboration is part of our heritage.


Local Cultural Organizations:

Headwaters Arts

Headwaters Arts is a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven, membership organization that serves as an umbrella multi-disciplinary arts organization for the Headwaters region. Their mandate is to bring together artists and supporters to promote the development, appreciation and enjoyment of all arts in the Hills of Headwaters.


Dufferin Arts Council (DAC)

(DAC) was founded in 1992 as a volunteer, not-for-profit community organization. The goal was, and still is, to support and promote the arts and provide members with cultural experiences and social activities.

The Dufferin Arts Council (DAC) organizes several trips each year to theatre performances, concerts and art exhibits in places such as Niagara-on-the-Lake, Stratford, and the Greater Toronto Area.

To keep informed on the latest happenings in the arts community follow the musings of Dufferin Arts Council artists as they share their thoughts on the Dufferin Arts Council Blog here.


Theatre Orangeville

At Theatre Orangeville we are a family of artists. From the stage, to the office, to the shops and the boardroom – all of us passionately believe that theatre is a powerful and entertaining experience that with your support, is helping us to contribute to the creation of a vital and vibrant community. We look forward to sharing the imaginative, unexplainable miracle that is live theatre with you and your family – every time you become part of our audience.


Grace Tipling Hall

Grace Tipling Hall in Shelburne is the venue for concerts and lecture series by well-known personalities. Periodically, workshops are offered in areas such as painting, photography, and creative writing.


Dufferin County Museum and Archives (DCMA)

The DCMA is unique among Canadian community museums, being built in the style of an Ontario bank barn.  The facility’s striking yet familiar architecture reflects the agricultural heritage of our region and its history.  The DCMA has been given the important responsibility to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Dufferin county, while creating an interesting and enjoyable experience for our visitors, both onsite and online.


Orangeville Art Group (OAG)

In the spring of 1955, nine women met in the basement of Westminster United Church and christened themselves the Orangeville Art Club. Bonded by a shared love of painting, these friends became the driving force behind a group which would span five decades. The Orangeville Art Group (OAG) is a not for profit organization.


Riverbend Artists of Grand Valley



The Riverbend Artists of Grand Valley are connected to their rural community which is evidenced in their art. The artists of this community have come together to form an artistic association for the wider recognition of their art. Members from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate the nature and community of Grand Valley . Visit their website for more information.