Creative & Professional Services

The Creative Class is thriving in Dufferin County.

The lure of work life balance and no commute has attracted professionals from all categories to deliver services here in Dufferin and beyond.

Dufferin County’s rural appeal and small town charm inspires professionals who choose to work here and the short commute to the Greater Toronto Area has not limited their client base to the local crowd. Duff­erin County’s growing population has brought new businesses to the region to provide services to the new residents such as dental clinics, holistic practitioners and financial service providers.

Even pets need professional services and the new Fifth Avenue Vet Clinic offers state of the art equipment and services to local pets.

There’s no need to travel back to the big city to see a specialist, many are right here in Dufferin. Lawyers, engineers and architects enjoy the small town atmosphere and rural living available here, our high speed internet infrastructure and close proximity to Toronto offers easy access to clients within and beyond Du­fferin.

Our region also boasts a self-made class of creative professionals whose ingenuity is showcased in the products they produce. For example, Second Shot saw opportunity in the discarded remains of broken skateboards and now sells its products around the world.



Ken Hall brings different disciplines to his work as a sculptor. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and another in fine arts from the University of Waterloo.




Mono Centre Salvage and Wood Company produces most of its products from materials that would otherwise be wasted and creates stylish, yet functional decor items.



Carters Professional Corporation

Carters Professional Corporation is one of the leading law firms in Canada in charity and not-for-profit law and is the largest full-service legal firm in the area. More–>



Stutz, Brown & Self

Bill Stutz established a law firm in town in 1973 and, after 30 years, wanted to step back a little from the front line. He saw the region growing and flourishing and a bright future for his business. More–>


Millenium 1

Millenium 1 began operating in Dufferin in 1980 under the name BDP. Since then, the name has changed but their focus remains constant – provide exceptional services and value to our customers.


A Growing Sector:

The Creative Class in Dufferin has been growing steadily since the global decline of 2008 and is set to grow by over 12% between 2012 and 2018 a full 4% faster than the growth projected for the province at 8%. Opportunities are here in Dufferin for all professionals.

The top five industries in Dufferin by number of firms are heavily concentrated in the sectors that employ these creative class individuals.

NAICSCodeDescriptionTotal% of businesses under 10 employees
541Professional, scientific and technical services41732%
238Specialty trade contractors36242%
531Real estate35613%
561Administrative and support services19644%

as of 2014