John Lackey

1. How long have you lived in Mono?

I have lived in Mono for the past 15 years. I was born and raised in Orangeville, so have had a close association with the Town of Mono for many years.

2. Why I have my name on the Ballot!

From an early age I have been exposed to local politics and as such have had an interest in municipal affairs. As I look to retire from my professional working career, I felt the time was right to consider running for local office, particularly Council in the Town of Mono where I reside. I have experience which I feel will help in making the right decisions for the Municipality and its residents. In saying that, I have no agenda, just simply care about the Town of Mono and where I live and play. I am prepared to listen, observe and analyze each issue or concern as they come forward and upon gaining the best insight into matters, will hopefully make informed and defendable decisions.

3. Issues in Mono?

Municipalities face many issues including transportation, infrastructure, taxation and climate change. We need to look no further than Hurricane Fiona and Ian to see climate change. Are we, the Town of Mono prepared for such events? The items set out above are often at the forefront of critical issues in front of municipal politicians and municipal staff. Maintaining a satisfactory level of service is paramount, knowing that many services are constantly increasing in costs and mandated by higher levels of government. As such we must be creative and prepare well in advance to ensure value for services provided.

4. Key election platform pillars.

The main planks/pillars of my election platform are experience and communication. I have sound municipal experience having provided consulting services to many municipalities and government agencies along with working for the Town of Orangeville over the past nine years in their Infrastructure Services Department. Secondly, I am approachable and committed to listening. Carefully listening and observing each issue will help provide a full understanding of matters, leading to acceptable outcomes.